“Steve Cook is a master storyteller…….a spinner of tales! Watch Lewis Grizzard come back to life on stage thru Steve Cook. He tells signature stories of the Southern icon that is still so sorely missed today.” — DEDRA GRIZZARD (Executive Producer-“Lewis Grizzard-In His Own Words” )

“Steve Cook is a master chef of making a program director’s and the clients’ visions come alive.  Steve creates big sound with big messages that drive listeners to the ‘brand’ of a station and an advertiser.  Truly, one of the most talented guys that I have worked with.” MIKE THOMPSON  PD, ESPN Radio, Pittsburg

“Top notch production with true professional execution. Every time. If I sounded this good in real life, I’d be playing alot more golf!”  DOC MORGAN  National Voiceover Talent

“In my 21 years in professional hockey, I have never heard a better job of branding and imaging an on-air hockey product.”  –DAN KAMAL  Atlanta Thrashers Play-By-Play

“I will always put Steve Cook and his work at the top of any list when I look back on my career. One of the best in the business. His voice is fantastic, but it will always be his ‘ear’ for the product that makes him so valuable an asset.” –JOHN KINCADE  Syndicated Host,  ESPN Radio

Studio: 770.518.8336













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